Rainbow Products' Remaining 2017 Show Schedule: (704) 278.0054

* Pigeon Forge (Shades of the Past-Dollywood) - Friday and Saturday, Sept. 8th and 9th.

* Pigeon Forge Convention Cntr. Bldg. (Pigeon Forge Rod Run) - Fri. and Sat., Sept. 15th and 16th.

* Charlotte, NC Auto Fair (Speedway) - Spaces beginning at WB-50 - Thurs. - Sat., Sept. 21st thru 23rd.

* Carlisle, PA Fall - Beginning at Row IC -50 - Wed. - Sat., Sept. 27th thru 30th.

* Myrtle Beach - Broadway at the Beach (Cruisin' the Beach) - Thurs.-Sat., Oct. 12th-14th.

* Good-Guys @ Charlotte Motor Speedway - Call us @ (704) 278-0054. We will also answer at Show.

* Daytona Turkey Run - (Speedway) all of Row 4 at Car Corral Entrance (Just behind Strap-Man) - Thurs. thru Sun., Nov. 23rd - 26th.

NOTE: Below more specifically pinpoints our location; or call the number above should you have difficulty locating us. We will answer phone at all the shows

1. Tom Mack Show - Concord, NC: Concord convention center call us 704.278.0054.

2. Gray, TN - End of one of the isles at the back of Main Bldg.

3. Myrtle Beach, SC (Spg.) - Ask an official or call 704.278.0054; we'll ans. Will have smaller red trailer.

4. Daytona, FL (Spg.) - Entire Row #4 as you enter from car corral. We're just behind "Strap Man" who is on the corner as you enter. Look for our name on our longer multi-colored trailer.

5. Charlotte, NC (Spg.) - Blue Field #XXB 134-139; 2nd Turn against fence, off main paved inside track.

6. Pigeon Forge Rod Run (Formerly Grand Run) - Note: At Grand Convention Cntr. "INSIDE". Red trailer.

7. Carlisle, PA (Spg.) - #NA 58-63 at Gate 3 on end next to white rock bldg. bathrooms. Long trailer.

8. Pigeon Forge, TN (F-100 Super Nationals) - At The New P. Forge Convention Cntr. INSIDE. Red trailer.

9. Shades of the Past - Pigeon Forge, TN: At Dollywood "Splash World". Walking up the main walk-in entrance off Veteran's Hwy., we're right at first small opening to your right before reaching the top. Red trailer.

10. P. Forge Rod Run (Fall), (Formerly Grand Run) - P. Forge, TN: At Grand Conv. Cntr. "INSIDE." Red trailer.

11. Charlotte, NC (Fall) - Speedway. #WWB 55-61 (Blue Field); Look for long multi-colored trailer.

11. Carlisle, PA (Fall) - #IC 46-50 (Infield); Facing stage in front of the Grandstands, the isle to the left of that stage is Row #IC. We're down that row on the left. Red trailer.

13. Good Guys - Charlotte, NC: Call us at show for directions. 704.278.0054.

14. Turkey Rod Run - Daytona, FL Speedway: See #4. Same spots as Spring Show.

Call us at 704.278.0054 before you come.
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